Sheriff's Sales




Sheriff's Sales of Real Estate for Williams County are held on Thursday's at 1:00 p.m. on the second floor of the Williams County Court House.

Real Estate sales are advertised every Tuesday in The Bryan Times, at least 3 weeks prior to date of sale.

Most properties are appraised from the outside only. The Sheriff's Office does not have access or keys to any of the properties.  The Sheriff's Office has no information on the condition or layout of the homes.  Additional information may be available on the Auditors website:

No access can be gained for inspection prior to the sale or after the sale until the deed is transferred and recorded into the purchaser's name.  Property taxes will be prorated to the date of sale, keeping in mind, real estate taxes are one year behind.  The Sheriff's Office does not guarantee a clear title to any property.

Terms of sale: All bids begin at 2/3's of the appraised value.  The successful bidder MUST have a check for 10% down immediately upon acceptance of your bid, payable to the Williams County Sheriff's Office.

Deed will be prepared by the Plaintiff's Counsel within 7 days of the sale.

IF you are bidding on property that is being sold for back taxes, the FULL amount of the sale price is due at time of sale.

The Debtor has the right of redemption of the property until the Confirmation of Sale is signed by the Judge and filed by the Court.

Sales may be cancelled anytime prior to the time of sale. If a sale is cancelled a notice will be posted on the Public announcement board by the West door of the Williams County Courthouse.